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La première marque française de parfum Booster d 'émotions à l'efficacité prouvée par les neurosciences !

Le pouvoir du flow - Eau de parfum - Focus




Notes : Cardamom, Tea Leaves, Sandalwood, Atlas Cedar, White Musk

Olfactory Family : Sandalwood, Woody, Amber


"A sensual and deep scent of sandalwood enhanced with amber and spices. Enveloping and warm, conducive to stimulating a state of calm/pause to better concentrate."


Breathe, anchor yourself calmly, slowly, you are 300% in the present moment, fully concentrated.


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For who


Need a moment of relaxation, focus, energy or joy

The ritual

Sit quietly, inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 2 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds.

Spray a few sprays of the perfume on your pulse points such as those on the wrist, neck, wait 10 seconds then breathe deeply and let yourself be overwhelmed by well-being.

Like a DOUDOU, the AMOI perfume can be worn alone or on your wrist next to the skin or on the AMOI barcelet, in addition to your usual perfume.

To breathe without moderation, at any time of the day according to your emotional needs.


Top notes:Cardamom, Tea leaves, Almond

Heart note: Creamy sandalwood, warm amber and fresh jasmine

Bottom node:Atlas cedar and sweet white musk


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Le pouvoir du flow - Eau de parfum - Focus



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