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La première marque française de parfum Booster d 'émotions à l'efficacité prouvée par les neurosciences !

We created AMOI with Love, Nature & Sciences
to go beyond traditional perfumes and offer you the pleasure of real emotional olfactory DOUDOUS based and certified by neuroscience to boost your emotional state.

AMOI - Born from a collective of enthusiasts, experts in perfume, science, innovation, lovers of life and well-being



Pascale, creator of the project, has more than 30 years of experience in the world of perfume and beauty. Daughter of doctor parents, heads of departments in Medical Imaging and Cancerology, passionate about sport – well-being and the super powers of perfume, since 2016, has matured, challenged and shared her project to reconcile well-being perfume and neuroscience. Driven by the desire to develop refined perfumes, but at accessible prices intended above all for the pleasure of SELF and allowing you to better manage your emotions to improve your well-being .


'The pleasure of taking care of yourself, caring for others and our planet for a virtuous IMPACT! '

Innovation reconciling "pleasure perfume & neuroscience" to Boost one's emotional state, without any compromise on the pleasure and quality of a signature perfume. Each exclusive creations of AMOI perfumes has been validated by a cutting-edge Independent French Neuroscience Laboratory.

Committed and respectful of Man and Mother Nature: Eau de Parfum, refined unisex, + 85% natural ingredients, ethically sourced

Infinitely Self: perfumes designed to be able to combine for a personalized trail.

Infinitely beautiful and durable: A jewel bottle, unique, for life, refillable! and a beautiful gesture of virtuous consumption for the planet!

Accessible & for all:  because well-being should not be a luxury!

At our level, we try to contribute to us, to you and to making the world a better place!

AMOI, real emotional olfactory comforters based and certified in neuroscience by an independent laboratory.

AMOI the pleasure of refined, unisex, and signature well-being perfumes, at +85% natural, combining neuroscience technology to perfume yourself above all for yourself, taking into account your emotional needs of the moment.

Each perfume has been specially created to respond, like a 'DOUDOU', to a specific emotional need to optimize your state of well-being for the day.

To be used alone or combined to personalize them.

Want AMOI just to boost yourself and continue to perfume yourself with your usual perfume? It's possible !

Spray AMOI on the pulse points of your wrist and breathe into your skin without moderation all day long. And if you prefer to perfume the AMOI bracelet.

AMOI perfumes are exclusive, sophisticated and signed artistic creations. These are not single note perfumes such as lavender, lemon, mint…'

AMOI, Infinitely ME, create your ODEMOI!

All AMOI perfumes have been designed to be combined to create a perfume that only looks like You. Lovers of perfume and uniqueness create your ODEMOI.


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