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La première marque française de parfum Booster d 'émotions à l'efficacité prouvée par les neurosciences.

AMOI, committed to the pleasure of taking care of yourself, caring for others and our planet.

Yes we care

Yes we care! Committed to the Planet and People

Because we like to give back to those who gave to us, touched us and made meaning for us...

Responsible & Made in France

Ethical, sustainable sourcing of raw materials that respects producers and the environment.

All ingredients have been selected with care and respect. The essences of AMOI perfumes are made from +85% noble and natural raw materials, absolute, upcycled, and biotech to preserve Mother Nature, support communities of producers and without compromising on the quality of the perfume!

For each fragrance, key ingredients have been carefully selected to boost your emotions.

The essences are prepared and matured for more than 4 weeks in France to then be delicately and magnificently produced in small series for our greatest pleasure

Infinitely Beautiful and Durable

The compact, portable 30 ml bottle is infinitely refillable and the sensual touch of its innovative ( 2 nd Beauty Brand worldwide to use it ) solid wood cap is a unique piece (without any plastic insert), can accompany you everywhere to perfume yourself whenever you want and wish and until the end of life! You are adopting a virtuous gesture for yourself and the planet!

An eco-designed and optimized pack design.
Environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging. Zero plastic, except for the spray pump insert!

LOVE, Yes We Care!

Because we like to give back to those who have given to us, touched us and made meaning for us, we are committed to donating one percent of our net turnover to the Brain Institute for research on the brain and cure degenerative neurological diseases.

Pré-commande possible, premiers envois à compter du 29 Février 2024


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